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Exclusive Services

Customised Solutions

We have a network of talented individuals that can assist with any project need under the sun. We offer customised details for the design that you have in mind. Each project is unique and our innovative approach means we are able to offer tailored solutions. 


Office Relocation and Furniture

The NIDI Interiors team have expertise in dismantling, relocating and reinstallation of office furniture. Our combined knowledge means that regardless of the furniture brand, our team have the ability to flatpack, deliver to your new office space, assemble and install for placement. 


Interior Fitouts

With over 20 years experience, NIDI Interiors are specialist in constructing fall height partitions in plasterboard and glass, doors, ceiling grid systems, flooring, joinery and tiling. 


Design and Construction Management

From commencement phase to completion, NIDI Interiors can carry out every step to construct and deliver on your expectations. We listen to your brief, provide you with our proposal, we ensure you have what is required through open communication. NIDI Interiors can budget your project, seek all approvals on your behalf including all CDC documentation requirements. 

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